Dual Fuel Conversion

Gas shortages, especially in Pakistan has compelled a lot of users to buy oil burners for their heating applications. For those to whom oil does not seem financially feasible, the decision is even harder, i.e. they move towards coal or wood fired boilers and heaters.

In this modern age, business is not just about money, its also about time value of money. The analytics have grown so strong that they forecast the results for each penny you spend.

Converting to solid fuels, is obviously not without huge capital investments, and associated pay back must be carefully monitored to analyse real cost savings.

Conversion of your burner to a dual fired burner, not only saves you time, but also saves you the capital cost for a smarter investment.

A smart choice would be not to depend on single fuel at all. To ensure your optimum performance make sure you have your sources ready.

Dual Fuel Conversion

Ignition Electrodes Setting for the Oil Nozzle


We hold the expertise and the experience to convert your gas or oil burner to DUAL FUEL BURNER, be it of any model or any capacity. We will ensure it runs smoothly and interchangeably on Oil and Gas.

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For further details regarding the conversion of your burner to a dual fired burner, you can consult our project engineers or drop us an email at info@med-pk.com