Energy Calculator


Not to take it literally, Energy Calculator is a consultancy service that Massive Energy Dynamics provides to our prospective and established clients. Whenever you need to make a decision concerning any of the energy applications, be it buying LED lights, or  a Air Conditioner, be it a Furnace or a an Oil Pump, you can consult us for right decision through our Energy Calculator Service.



We are living in the age of knowledge. Smart people use this knowledge to continuously improve their energy applications, be it for domestic, commercial or industrial applications. Either people don’t have the time to put in or don’t have the requisites to do so. So it does not matter if you are a house wife or an engineer in a company. We can provide you our consultancy services explaining you all the dynamics of energy helping you make the right decision for your application.

A lot of traders around you would promote the use of products they sell, showing you only one side of the picture. Don’t get fooled. We can help you make the right decision, selecting the right product based on its energy efficiency, operational costs, and maintenance. We can perform energy analysis for any of your energy consuming or generating products, calculate the heating and cooling load for your buildings, analyse how efficient your furnace or burner is working, compare solar panel systems operational and capital cost for you and tell you what really are you going to save.


So don’t hesitate, we are just one call away. Make SMART DECISIONS with our Energy Calculator Service.