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Massive Energy Dynamics is Pakistan’s leading complete energy solutions provider, which through its diverse engineering expertise covers all the dynamics of energy starting from energy generation to end user consumption of energy. We control energy and its applications in a manner that is best for the consumer and the planet.

– in short, we play with energy –

So far, its not the experience which has been the backbone of this company, rather it’s the hard core engineering knowledge and our ability to bring it into practical use. WE ARE NOT TECHNICIANS ! WE ARE ENGINEERS ! so when you are working with us, you are mentally satisfied of being dealt with qualified personnel which gives you nothing but calculated and educated results.

Massive Energy Dynamics works in four different but interrelated domains with four distinct names.


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You can visit each division’s page for details, or can consult us directly at info@med-pk.com



The world today stands in a tough economic climate. The energy sources are limited, the demand is ever increasing and the environment is being affected by our fast and vast industrial developments. Acting smart and working to develop a sustainable solution to fulfill our energy needs is the need of the moment. We need to develop and promote energy systems that are efficient and environmental friendly. I believe the economics of this small planet we live in depends on the energy it posses and the way we use it. So our company strives to develop the energy systems that are most intelligent and efficient.

Jawad Waheed, Mechanical Engineer, CEO at Massive Energy Dynamics